V Magazine | Mai 2018

The V Mix : Brodinski

Just before boarding for his US tour, Brodi sat down with V to talk about
his inspirations, hottest european festivals and his exciting projects.

At the age of 27, Louis Rogé -also known as Brodinski- has
already experienced several artistic lives. Seven years ago, barely out of
his teenage years, he released his first EP, Bad Runner. He multiplied
DJ sets throughout France, quickly establishing himself as one of the
youngest heirs of French Touch’s new wave, with artists such as DJ
Mehdi, Yuskek or Busy P.
In 2011, he founded his label Bromance with his longtime friend and
manager Manu Barron, a Parisian’s nightlife discreet mogul. Then,
he started a series of collaborations with Gesaffelstein, which will lead
them to the Kanye West’s studios. Both talented frenchies have caught
Yeezus’s eyes and ears, and Brodi co-produced Send it up and Black
skinhead on his eponymous album.
Although he refuses to be stamped as a « Rap DJ », Brodinski perfectly
embodies this new generation of artists that skilfully build bridges
between musical genres
A Residency on BBC Radio, some prestigious collabs with rapper’s
finest (Theophilius London among others), many releases of his higly
acclaimed « Bromance » compilations, and working on his new debut
album : When asked where he pulls the energy for all this projects, he
simply answers with a smile « You, know, I’m easily bored »

Just before boarding for his US tour, Brodi sat down with V to talk about
his inspirations, hottest european festivals and his exciting projects.

You’re one of the best example of this young generation of DJ’s who
juggles successfuly with rap and electronic music. How did you manage to combine those two musical genres?

I discovered Hip Hop Culture pretty late in my young life, circa 2007, a very
long time after I discovered electronic music. I first started listening Southern Rap and Crunk. UGK and 3.6 Mafia were my first rap music shock, quickly followed by artists like Gucci Mane or Lil Wayne.

Were you first inspired by « old school » rap artists ? Were you first inspired by « old school » rap artists ?

A lot of people come to hip hop through old school rap artists, but I didn’t.
Mixing electronic music and rap came naturally to me, because they are two musical cultures I love above all.. Anyhow, I hope I brought something interesting and the result worth it ! (he laughs)

Talking about rap music: You produced 2 tracks in Kanye West’s latest album Yeezus. How did you guys match artistically, and learn to work together? What did you get from that experience?
I feel very happy and I am so proud for having been part of this amazing
experience. Gesaffelstein and I were contacted by Kanye’s team of
collaborators to come by his studio. We met and we connected very quickly,
very easily; we just started to talk about music, listened to music we love, and finally made music all together. We spent  a lot of time isolated, and we
established some kind of professional intimacy. I learned  so much from
Kanye ! I always try to fold on projects, and get any opportunity to learn new things with creative artists like him.  

You also alternate DJ’ing and production. Which one do you prefer, and

I have no preferences between them. Obviously, I have way more experience as a DJ, but it’s just different subjects,different atmospheres. I deeply love the interaction with the audience when I play, and I like the solitary creative energy while I work in studio. I am very happy to alternate those differents disciplines.

This year, you will perform  in all major European festivals (Sonar in
Barcelona, the Eurockéennes de Belfort in France, The Big Festival in
Biarritz etc).What are your best festival experiences, and why?

I simply love festivals! It’s the real place-to-be during summer season, the
main events you HAVE to attend! Every festival has its own audience and
its specificities. Sonar is for real electro lovers, while les Eurockéennes’s
audience is mainly composed of rock aficionados, in a very scenic natural
French site between two ponds, it’s surrealistic. They all have  this  « cool »
vibe in common : there’s no stress, it’s a great time even for artists. It’s a
great opportunity to discover new faces, because with all the touring, we don’t
have much time for concerts or events. But to be totally honest, I prefer the
clubs’s vibe. Anyway, I just can’t wait! 

You’re working on your first album. Can you already give us a few
hints about it ?

I am still working on it, and I still have no deadline for the release yet. I’m
working in studio, I take my time, and take things smoothly. That’s the way I
like to work. But the project is getting more and more substance, and I want
to be sure that I’ll find an original concept, the right message I wanna display with that first album. 

What are your upcoming projects?
A lot of work on the album, of course ! But also a USA-tour just about to start, many festivals and events throughout the summer, and a lot
of Bromance releases !